Crack the Skye. High expectations met.

Crack The SkyeSo i acquired a copy of Mastodon’s upcoming album Crack The Skye, and after listening to it once through i have to say its different but amazing. It’s definately a Mastodon album. They are still very much different from other bands. This album is an awesome trip to any who would dare take it. After taking a trip with the band through fire, water, and nature, this trip through space was an amazing ride. For their 4th studio album they are still hitting hard. Cant wait to see them in april. then i can journey with them live.  I should have a full album review here in a few days. so stayed tuned, and keep updated.


~ by redvsblue9191 on March 10, 2009.

One Response to “Crack the Skye. High expectations met.”

  1. hey, I found your blog while trying to find the album cover for my desktop background. I absolutly love mastodon’s new sound, the singing is more prominent and meaningfull, the guiter solos are epic, and there is a bigger overall soundscape in the percussion section. My favourite song on the album would have to be “the last baron” due it’s awesome conveyence of a out of this world feeling, the guitar solo in oblivion is pretty kick-ass as well. Mastodon is really moving foward with Crack the Skye.

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