Watchmen. Whose watching them?

watchmen poster

watchmen poster

So i went and saw “Watchmen” friday night. I did not originally know it was a two and a half hour long movie. But thats ok because i love movies. Well i went with a groupd of about 8 people including my brother and girlfriend. We got there early to get good seats and after 20 minutes of previews the movie finally started. I’m not one to ruin movies so i won’t, but i will give my opinion. The actors chosen to represent each character, I think were good choices. In the case of Rorschach i think that Jackie Earle Haley did an amazing job and that noone could have portrayed him better. From his inner enigma to his outer craziness he portrayed his character the way he should have. The cinematography and action in the movie were both very  amazing., especially when Dr. Manhattan blows people up. The fight scenes in this movie were very smooth and reminded me much of  “300”. The visual effects in this movie were superb compared to other movie giants. The storyline for the most part followed with the original graphic novel. This is something you usually dont find happen in movies, so it was to my pleasure that it was like it should be. This movie is one that i would reccomend to anyone whos is or isnt a fan of the comic. It’s an amazing ride through and through. 5 out of 5 in my opinion.


~ by redvsblue9191 on March 8, 2009.

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  1. You can see the real ending with the squid here:

    Good times.

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