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I figure I will start up this terrible blog once more. I will be doing mostly reviews or talking about metal music and general stuff of my interest. Every Sunday I will do a review I’m an album. Suggestions are welcomed, and hopefully this blog won’t suck.


Crack the Skye. High expectations met.

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Crack The SkyeSo i acquired a copy of Mastodon’s upcoming album Crack The Skye, and after listening to it once through i have to say its different but amazing. It’s definately a Mastodon album. They are still very much different from other bands. This album is an awesome trip to any who would dare take it. After taking a trip with the band through fire, water, and nature, this trip through space was an amazing ride. For their 4th studio album they are still hitting hard. Cant wait to see them in april. then i can journey with them live.  I should have a full album review here in a few days. so stayed tuned, and keep updated.

Wrath Has Come. Prepare For Destruction.

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Wrath Album CoverLamb of god. What more can i say other than they are my favorite band and they are amazing. I personally own all their CD’s including the Burn the Priest albums. anyways. Wrath is an amzing album from start to finish. The opening song “The Passing” is somehting different for lamb of god. It’s almmost sort of soft compared to other songs by the band. It starts off with the acoustic playing which soon is added in with the electric guitar played by wille. The end of the song has a scream which then leads into the second song on the album “In Your Words”. This song brings back memories of LoG’s  As the Palaces Burn as far as the instruments are concerned. The Vocals are more like Sacrament. They are melodic and hypnotizing and aren’t just screams. As the last minute and a half come you feel yourself being drawn to the end of the song. as it builds not to a peak but to that finish your drawn to the next song. “Set to Fail” is the epic, thrash metal-esque, almost hatred filled third song of the band’s sixth studio album. As soon as the song starts with it’s fast drumming and hard “shredding” you are immediately pulled into the song and can’t help but to scream at the top of your lungs the words to this song. At 2:30 in the song you get to Mark Morton’s guitar solo which is sure melt some faces. The next song is one that will put a smile on any metalhead’s face as it starts with an excited scream of the word “WOOOOOO”. As the song progresses you feel the intensity and thickness of the lyrics and instrument. Then comes the Bass solo. I don’t know if I’d consider it a solo but it’s where the bass is alone. Anyways the song gets deep at the point as it feels almost like the song’s breakdown. Then it stops and You get to some speedy shredding and screaming vocals, as the song picks back up. By the time this song is over you’ll be screaming “GUARAN-F*CKING-TEED”. The next song “Fake Messiah” starts off with the muted/muffled sound of Chris’s drums. It soon breaks into an unmuffled bassy riff that continues through the song except for certain parts. Following this is easy and very melodic starting “Grace”. As it starts you get enclosed in this cocoon that sounds like some epic shreds but is transferred over to an acoustic guitar. It’s very different for LoG, but it’s good. Then comes the Hard stuff :). This part beigns with an up and down playing which to me was like “Damn this is cool.” You get into the breaks from the speedy parts into the chorus of the lyrics and catch what this song is about. Grace in this case is forgiveness. So who is randy talking about? The lyrics for this song certainly got me to think as the song continues into the different parts including one where the acoustic opener of the song is transferred to the electric guitar. “Broken Hands” is undoubtedly my favorite song from the album. The heavyness and upheaval of emotion in this song are strong. As it gets to be a minute in you reach that point of headbanging euphoria as the chorus soon follows. As the song finishes you want more of this heavyness, and that is exactly what “Dead Seeds” bring as the first of the vocals hit darkness as a guttoral preaching of destruction. It then follows into a guitar part like no other which stays through till the end of the song. Next up is “Everything to Nothing” It starts off with a familiarguitar shredding that brings back memories of past days. The song soon grows to this guitar, drum, bass and vocal masterpiece. It’s Epic as far as songs go. If i had an anthem this would be it. The next to last song “Choke Sermon” is a heart-racing song that has some background vocals similar to the song “Ashes of The Wake”. Then comes the shredding solo into the vocals again. this song felt a little short to me. Last is “Reclamation” for the last song on the album i think it was a good choice as the finisher. With its loose sounding acoustic playing into the guttoral growl which leads into a slow start for this song. You can hear the riff still being played in the background and as the first set of vocals end it gets to a slow spot then picks right back up. This song continues on to hit hard and souns deep, dark, and different for LoG. But definately in a good way. It soon picks up tempo and gets faster as it blows through your mind like a bullet. With the back and forth playing of mark and willie you get lost in a tailspin. you soon begin to listen to Randy scream bloody murder and john play his fingers off as chris keep constant double bass going like an android, and willie and chrish break into the last minute of the song with and eerie repeating playing and the return of the beggining acoustic. This is where the album comes to a magnificent and heart crushing close as it disperses into nothing and has left a path of destruction in it’s wake. An amazing album by an amazing band. 10 out of 10.

Watchmen. Whose watching them?

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watchmen poster

watchmen poster

So i went and saw “Watchmen” friday night. I did not originally know it was a two and a half hour long movie. But thats ok because i love movies. Well i went with a groupd of about 8 people including my brother and girlfriend. We got there early to get good seats and after 20 minutes of previews the movie finally started. I’m not one to ruin movies so i won’t, but i will give my opinion. The actors chosen to represent each character, I think were good choices. In the case of Rorschach i think that Jackie Earle Haley did an amazing job and that noone could have portrayed him better. From his inner enigma to his outer craziness he portrayed his character the way he should have. The cinematography and action in the movie were both very  amazing., especially when Dr. Manhattan blows people up. The fight scenes in this movie were very smooth and reminded me much of  “300”. The visual effects in this movie were superb compared to other movie giants. The storyline for the most part followed with the original graphic novel. This is something you usually dont find happen in movies, so it was to my pleasure that it was like it should be. This movie is one that i would reccomend to anyone whos is or isnt a fan of the comic. It’s an amazing ride through and through. 5 out of 5 in my opinion.

First post and what a doosy.

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So this will be my first post of my new blog. I’m still very new to “blogging” and all the options there are with it. I have wanted to blog and let others in on my opinions for a while now, and i finally got into it. Like i said im new so if anyone wants to help or give me tips, by all means do.